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With our tradesmen’s help, you can have everything around your home back to working order and at a very competitive price, too! All you have to do is call to schedule an appointment for the handyman services we carry out across Kilburn, NW6 and the vicinity.

People in Kilburn, NW6 opt for using our services because they are sensibly-priced, dependable, and carried to the highest standards possible. The company employs vetted, insured and seasoned handymen only. Some of the most popular jobs on our list include furniture repair and assembly, mirrors and pictures fitting, TV wall mounting, drain unclogging, and repainting. Don’t hesitate to share your requirements with us – they will be complied with!

Handyman Prices
1 hour £45
Half day (4 hours) £150
Full day (8 hours) £250

Get a free quote or call us at 020 3745 5187

    Odd Jobs Services Kilburn


    If you can’t provide the repairs, installations, fixing, fitting, assembling, plumbing or electrical work and tasks that need to be done in your property, use our services. The handymen in our agency are the best in the industry and know how to implement every task with minimal hassle and optimal results.

    You can count on them to do the mounting, repair and fixing of sinks, TV sets, washing machines, various appliances and systems. Call us or use our online form to schedule the handyman services we carry out in Kilburn, NW6 at reasonable prices and you won’t regret. They are affordable and done by professionals.

    The radiators in our flat used to leak and we tried to fix the problem, but unfortunately without any success. We relied on the handyman in your company who found the reason for the leak and fixed it. Now we no longer have any problems with our heating system. – Oliver

    Handyman in NW6


    You can rely on our team of technicians and specialists to ensure the functional and presentable state of your property. We can send any of the electric, plumbing and other specialists to your home, rented flat and commercial property to do the repairs, installations and other necessary tasks.

    We offer professional services provided by a handyman to properties located in the Kilburn, NW6 area. Our staff conduct fixing of leaks, unclogging of pipes and sinks, fitting of pictures, mirrors, blind and curtains, repair and installation of surveillance and alarm system. They can unclog sinks and pipes, do all kinds of odd jobs, requested by the customer.

    Areas we offer handyman services

    Trained Handyman in Kilburn NW6


    In case you can’t cope with the installation, repair, fixing or assembly of your electric appliances, sinks, furniture and possessions we can do this work for you. Our handyman services are flexible, customer-oriented and provided in Kilburn, NW6 at affordable rates. They involve inspection of the appliance, installing or diagnosing its malfunctions and its repair.

    We can carry out fitting of new appliances, furniture, blinds, curtains and mirrors. Our staff provide installation and repair of alarm systems, lighting fixtures and devices, replacing of handles, doors and locks and basically all odd jobs and tasks which the customer needs.

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