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decoratingIf you are looking for painting and decorating services in London we are welcoming you to choose the outstanding services of our reliable company. Our decorating specialists will ensure a fresh and effective renovation of your home in a second to none way.

Our staff has been carefully chosen to be able to handle with a wide range of painting procedures. To decorate your home in an outstanding way do not have any doubts but trust our professional opinion and methods. You can find us in London, 7 days per week available for our customers. We are sure that we can achieve the best results for the perfect appearance of your rooms.

Great decorating service!

I’m very happy with the job your decorators done, my bedroom is amazing!

Haven’t expected that such wonderful results could be achieved in my home.

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The materials that we use for our decorating services are the most appropriate ones and are not dangerous for your health. If you are a busy person, with tight working schedule do not feel guilty, our team of specialists can come to provide various painting and decorating services, depending on your personal requirements.

Decorating Services London from RenovationMates

For your utmost comfort, we have prepared the following services:

  • Professional and adequate opinion for the decorations
  • The latest instruments and non toxic substances
  • Fully qualified team of specialists
  • Very competitive prices
  • Great offers for the customers
  • Flexible working schedules

    Paint Your House with RenovationMates

    Decorating BanerOur professional painters are capable of performing all the decorating services that are required for the renovating of your home or office. We are strongly motivated and very organized. What else? We are convinced in the success of the decorating services that we provide, as we have long specialized in this particular field. Our approaches have all proven their efficiency and that is why we manage to collaborate with our customers in a friendly and comprehensive way. We will take into account the design of your home and office and we will give you invaluable advice and fresh ideas about the decorations for your space.

    Painting and Decorating Prices

    Painting and Decorating – Average Estimate Prices
    1 Bedroom House £700
    2 Bedroom House (1 double) £800
    3 Bedroom House (2 double) £950
    1 Bedroom flat £700
    2 Bedroom flat (1 double) £900
    3 Bedroom flat (2 double) £1050

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    Our competitive prices are really tempting and they are suitable for the budget of our customers. If you have decide to make significant changes in your home, we are the most appropriate choice for the decorating and painting procedures that need to be provided. Our flexible working schedules are another important advantage for our revered customers. Choose the reliability and perfection in painting and decorating and you will be pleased with the final results. To inform our customers additionally, we have ensured customer support centres.