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RenovationMates provides first class painting and decorating services in Eltham, SE9. Call now to make an appointment with our painters.

Our highly skilled decorators have the required experience and knowledge to give your property a whole new look. We are a professional company, based in Eltham, SE9. Our wide range of top quality decorating services is the quickest way to improve and refresh the look of your property. We guarantee your safety because we use paint and techniques that are 100% green. If you want the best possible results, you can actively use the free tips we offer. We keep our standards high, and our prices- low. Contact us now!

  • Professional and adequate opinion for the decorations
  • The latest instruments and non toxic substances
  • Fully qualified team of specialists
  • Very competitive prices
  • Great offers for the customers
  • Flexible working schedules

Painting Services in Eltham


If you have decided to paint and decorate now – great choice! Summer is the most appropriate season for such activities – the smell does not have a chance as in the good weather we can open the windows wide so everything dries faster. And if you hire our decorating services company in Eltham, SE9, London you can be sure everything you have done will be top quality and will make you enjoy your place even more.

We paint, decorate and help with design tips and also colour issues. We work fast and effective.

Painting and Decorating - Average Estimate Prices
1 Bedroom House £700
2 Bedroom House (1 double) £800
3 Bedroom House (2 double) £950
1 Bedroom flat £700
2 Bedroom flat (1 double) £900
3 Bedroom flat (2 double) £1050

The prices may vary depending on the size of the property. Call us now and book an appointment for FREE QUOTE!

Decorators Eltham, SE9

Decorating Services London

When you want decorating services in Eltham, SE9, London, do not hesitate to call us. Our rich experience, expert team of professionals and great conditions will charm you enough to inspire your renovation, painting or decorating activities. This will refresh your home and will make it different and it will influence your life – you will feel better in cosier home and fresh colours.

We can advice you for colours, styles and anything you need our advice for. Call us – you can book or you can receive any information, details and quotations you need

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    Painting Services Eltham

    You’ve just bought a new house or flat and one of the first things it needs is decorating? Or you just wish to get your old home redecorated in nice and fresh colours? In either case, our team is here to offer you the ultimate decorating services which will definitely exceed your expectations. You only give us your idea about the place and we fulfill it qualitatively. Or if you don’t have an idea, we are here to come up with the best solutions for your home. You only need to hire us in Eltham, SE9 or the nearby London places.

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