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RenovationMates provides first class painting and decorating services in Stoke Newington, N16. Call now to make an appointment with our painters.

The walls of your home clearly need redecoration and you want to pick the perfect colours for your rooms but you also consider quality very important? Our team is here to give you the best decorating services in London, including Stoke Newington, N16 area. We can as well be useful to you if you have bought a new property and it needs full decorating. We are experts at choosing the most brilliant colours for every place and then painting it with taste and professionalism. You shouldn’t doubt the excellent quality of our products as they will prove to be beautiful and resistant.

  • Professional and adequate opinion for the decorations
  • The latest instruments and non toxic substances
  • Fully qualified team of specialists
  • Very competitive prices
  • Great offers for the customers
  • Flexible working schedules

Painting Services in Stoke Newington


Well, great! You have decided to redecorate or repaint your place and now you have a lot of things to decide on like what colour to choose for different rooms? For outside the house? Which company in Stoke Newington, N16, London to hire?

If you chose our company, we can help a lot with the colour issue, as we have colour specialists. We are also your wise choice because of our working hours, the competitive prices we offer and also with the wonderful and professional work we are famous for.

Just call us.

Painting and Decorating - Average Estimate Prices
1 Bedroom House £700
2 Bedroom House (1 double) £800
3 Bedroom House (2 double) £950
1 Bedroom flat £700
2 Bedroom flat (1 double) £900
3 Bedroom flat (2 double) £1050

The prices may vary depending on the size of the property. Call us now and book an appointment for FREE QUOTE!

Decorators Stoke Newington, N16

Decorating Services London

Do you need to have your new place decorated or you want to change the colours of the rooms at home? No matter which one is your case, our team can do for you decorating services of wonderful quality. Our employees are trained and their work is perfected to the maximum, and our used paints are also of unique quality. We will come and give your home a professional and stylish touch, leaving it fresh and nice. Let us return the glow of your place by booking us in Stoke Newington, N16 or around it in London and prepare to be thrilled.

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    Decorating and Painting Stoke Newington

    Painting Services Stoke Newington

    Our painting and decorating services have been offering quality services to London residents for several years. When we do a job, we don’t just slap a paintbrush on the walls, or throw wallpaper up. No, we first inspect a premises to see how the walls are and if they are in need of work before using paint or wallpaper. Our painting and decorating services also supplies all the tools and equipment needed, ranging from paintbrushes to drop clothes to ensure all furniture and flooring is fully protected. We will also move heavy furniture should it be required. All our staff are highly trained, and have years of time served under their belts. We also vet any new members of staff, thus ensuring not only our peace of mind but our valued customers.

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