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RenovationMates provides first class painting and decorating services in Raynes Park, SW20. Call now to make an appointment with our painters.

Redecorating your home has always been a long and tiring process? It should no longer be such because you now have the perfect decorating services of our team. It all happens easily and quickly and the whole procedure is done by extreme professionals who do their job with real enthusiasm and quality paints. You can discover our service in Raynes Park, SW20 and the rest close London districts and have your entire house or just a separate room nicely decorated. We will give you the dreamed comfort and pleasure of being at home because it will look stunning after our expert intervention.

  • Professional and adequate opinion for the decorations
  • The latest instruments and non toxic substances
  • Fully qualified team of specialists
  • Very competitive prices
  • Great offers for the customers
  • Flexible working schedules

Painting Services in Raynes Park


Are you a contractor who is selling houses after remodeling them? If that’s your case, you’d batter make them look impeccable inside and out by painting the walls, the ceilings, the wooden doors and windows. That’s a dirty and tiresome job but we can do it for you. We offer decorating services for Raynes Park, SW20 area and all the other Greater London areas as well. Our painters have long years of experience behind their backs. Our company provides all the materials needed, the customer just chooses the preferred colour. Simple as that. Call an operator now and make a booking.

Painting and Decorating - Average Estimate Prices
1 Bedroom House £700
2 Bedroom House (1 double) £800
3 Bedroom House (2 double) £950
1 Bedroom flat £700
2 Bedroom flat (1 double) £900
3 Bedroom flat (2 double) £1050

The prices may vary depending on the size of the property. Call us now and book an appointment for FREE QUOTE!

Decorators Raynes Park, SW20

Decorating Services London

You decided to repaint the rooms or the house and in Raynes Park, SW20, London you need some help with the decorating services?

Have you already chose colours? Are you following the fashion trends? If so have in mind that this year the mint colour is really popular, especially the very light mint, but it is appropriate more for the kitchen and for sure less for the bedroom. Also you have to keep in mind that the colour of the walls should match the furniture in the room and the floor. So match all together and this way decide whether this is your colour combination or not. If still you are not sure, you can freely contact our decorating services company – besides painting and decorating, we have specialists that will help you with the colours.

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    Decorating and Painting Raynes Park

    Painting Services Raynes Park

    Our London based painting and decorating services has been passed down from generation to generation. We first began as a small family run business, however, due to our phenomenal success we now have branches all over. We pride ourselves in only offering our valued clients the 5 star work that they have come to expect. When we do a job, we first prepare a site to ensure a flat smooth surface to sure that no bumps or dips show when we apply paint or wallpaper. We are fully insured and offer free estimates. We will also do out of hours visits for people that work unsociable hours.

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