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Some of the house’s side work can be actually dangerous. If you are having electrical problems or any other kind, you should really call professional handyman service to help you with it. If you want the job done correctly, pick up the phone and call our company now.

Our company provides professional handyman services for Isle of Dogs, E14. We are known for our great results and affordable prices. Get in touch with our company and hire our handyman service to help you with your odd jobs. We promise you our skilled handyworkers will get it done.

Handyman Prices
1 hour £45
Half day (4 hours) £150
Full day (8 hours) £250

Get a free quote or call us at 020 3745 5187

    Odd Jobs Services Isle of Dogs


    You can turn to our company for help for any side work around your home that is waiting to be done. If you are time-starved or lack the tools or knowledge on how do your odd jobs, make sure to call our company and book our impeccable handyman service. We do not only offer you an outstanding service, but also very reasonable prices.

    You can hire our handyman service for anywhere in Isle of Dogs, E14 and you can hire us to do any job. You can count on our handymen to get any job done, we are perfectionists and we have rich experience with various odd jobs. Minor things like hanging mirrors, mounting TVs, or bigger tasks like installing cabinets, sprinklers, etc – we can do all of them and many more.

    Your handyman did a great job, thank you for sending him. He appeared to me to be very dedicated to his work and to be very skilled in everything he puts his mind to doing. He even helped me with an odd job he said he was not an expert in. Thank you, your handyman service is the best. – Olivia

    Handyman in E14


    Give our company a call when you find yourself needing professional help for some repair job around your home. Our handymen can help you with things like – mounting TV on walls, or pictures or mirrors hanging. They can fix your squeaky doors or dripping tap, or clogged sink, or install new shelves or cabinets.

    Feel free to contact our company and book our handyman service for help with any odd job. To us it does not matter if it is a big or a small job. We will send you equipped handyman to get it done or a whole team. We operate in Isle of Dogs, E14 and we have flexible prices, contact us now.

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    Trained Handyman in Isle of Dogs E14


    We provide a vast variety of handyman services in the area of Isle of Dogs, E14. You can rely on a team of professionals to fix any damage at your home. No matter if you need the squeaky door to be fixed or you need your TV installed on the wall, you can unconditionally rely on our assistance.

    Our handymen are available seven days a week. You can arrange them during the holidays and the weekends. All customers who have already taken advantage of our services can confirm that we offer unparalleled quality at a decent price. Contact us at your earliest convenience.

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