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Loft Conversion in Dollis Hill

Renovation Mates is a professional building company in London providing house extensions and loft conversion services in Dollis Hill, NW2 at the most affordable prices.

If you want to add value to your house and sell it at a higher price, converting the loft into an extra room is the wisest solution. It’s fast, inexpensive and easy when you have an experienced team of workers. We will take care of everything – from taking the measures to installing the stairs and successfully completing the project. But don’t just take our word – call our operators now and book for our loft conversion service. Our team is available seven days a week in Dollis Hill, NW2 and they can be on your doorstep in a short notice.

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    Loft Conversion in Dollis Hill from Renovation Mates:

    • Increase the living space of your house
    • Experienced builders from Renovation Mates
    • Wide variety of interior designs
    • We will help you to plan the whole process
    • Quality of work is guaranteed!

    Loft Conversion in Dollis Hill

    Converted Loft

    Do you have ideas on how the kids’ room should look? Is it under the roof with a big windows with a view to the garden? Is there a woodwork, is the space divided or it will be one open space with a lot of colours and interesting designs? And if you have the ideas and you do not know how to implement them the best thing you could do is call our agents that are located in the office in Dollis Hill, NW2, in central London and we will help you with your loft conversion.

    Loft Renovation Dollis Hill, NW2

    Loft Conversion London

    Living in a big house means a lot of reconstruction works, a lot of changing every now and then and it means that there is always something that can be ameliorated. So when you need plans and skillful hands that will give you advice on how to make from the loft a place that can be used for living, you should call our company that is situated in Dollis Hill, NW2. During the years we have helped many families in London because we are the best when it comes to loft conversion.

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    Loft conversion is a process that requires professional skills, knowledge and the right equipment. Before you even start planning the project, make sure you contact a reliable company to help you with the process. We are one of the most reliable home improvement agencies in London. We are specialised in loft conversion and pride ourselves in the brilliant work we have been doing for years. We have several completed projects throughout Dollis Hill, NW2 and many new ones that we get into every day. We offer low prices that everyone can afford with ease and high quality that meets the highest requirements.

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