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RenovationMates provides first class painting and decorating services in Fortis Green, N2. Call now to make an appointment with our painters.

Providing the best quality decorating services at reasonable prices is our top priority. We are a professional agency, situated in Fortis Green, N2. Our complete dedication to customers’ satisfaction is our main goal.

We offer a wide range of decorating services as well as a huge number of free tips. Our company makes a large discount activity to suite your needs. In order to fit your budget, we keep our prices low. We are flexible enough to meet your requirements. If you require any specific information about our offers – feel free to contact us!

  • Professional and adequate opinion for the decorations
  • The latest instruments and non toxic substances
  • Fully qualified team of specialists
  • Very competitive prices
  • Great offers for the customers
  • Flexible working schedules

Painting Services in Fortis Green


Our professional company offers highest quality painting and decorating services available in Fortis Green, N2. We have a broad experience and we do know how to deliver desired results. Our skilled experts have a keen eye for details. They are completely dedicated to hard work and guarantee your satisfaction. We are able to provide you with the most appropriate service for your individual needs seven days a week. We use the best painting and decorating techniques. Our painters are supplied with the safest products so that we assure your safety. If you require any specific information about our offers – feel free to contact us!

Painting and Decorating - Average Estimate Prices
1 Bedroom House £700
2 Bedroom House (1 double) £800
3 Bedroom House (2 double) £950
1 Bedroom flat £700
2 Bedroom flat (1 double) £900
3 Bedroom flat (2 double) £1050

The prices may vary depending on the size of the property. Call us now and book an appointment for FREE QUOTE!

Decorators Fortis Green, N2

Decorating Services London

When you search for decorating services in Fortis Green, N2, London, or any other place, you want:

  • Good prices
  • Clean work
  • Fast and effective work
  • Professional and friendly attitude
  • Flexibility
  • Availability upon your personal schedule

Well, you can stop the search now – you have found our decorating company and we are more than just a team of professionals – we are also your best friend during the decorating period, so we can be efficient and to the job the way you want it.

Call us for further details and information.

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    Decorating and Painting Fortis Green

    Painting Services Fortis Green

    When we opened up our London painting and decorating services less than 2 years ago, we never dreamed it would be so successful. This is mainly due to our quality services, and highly trained employees. Each employee is time served within their own field. We offer free estimates, and also provide painting and decorating services on the exterior of a house. We hold full insurance, which gives peace of mind to our valued clients. And supply all the tools and appliances needed to do a top notch job. Our prices are extremely competitive, and we even offer out of hours inspections, for people working unsocial able hours.

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